Happy Easter

11 04 2014




Governors and staff at St Leonard’s Primary School would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter.

See you on Monday 28th April 2014.

St Leonard’s Sports Awards

10 04 2014








Congratulations to Mr Feavyour and all the children who took part in the following recent Sporting events:

Year 5/6 Boys Football Tournament – St Leonards 1st place

Year 5/6 Girls Football Tournament – St Leonards 2nd place (play offs)

Swimming Gala – St Leonards 3rd place


8 04 2014


FOSLS, our PTA Committee, will be having a Bag2School collection on Thursday 5th June 2014. This initiative allows schools to raise money by collecting unwanted goods for which the school gets paid by weight.   If you have any items of good quality second-hand clothing, bedding, curtains, soft toys, shoes, belts and handbags to donate to this scheme they would be much appreciated.  Blue collection bags are available from the school office or you can use any bag from home including black bin liners. All money raised will benefit the children of St. Leonard’s.

Please ensure bags are delivered to school by 9.00am on Thursday 5th June 2014.

Unfortunately due to lack of storage space we are unable to accept bags prior to the collection date.

Thank you for your support.


31 03 2014










What is Philosophy for Children (school website) 1

Click on the link above to see our first Philosophy page

Philosophy Questions:

January:   What questions can you think of that do not have an answer, or that have more than one answer?

February : If I lose my memory am I the same person?

March: Should people eat meat?

April:   Do we want to be famous?

Look out for future entries, questions can be answered via the comments link.

Sport Relief 2014

18 03 2014







Thanks to your kind donations on Friday 21st March 2014, we have raised £265.40 in aid of Sport Relief.

E – Safety

6 03 2014









For information on E-safety please see the links located in the dedicated section of our Website under Pages.

The Page contains up to date guidelines for Internet Safety for all the family.

Look out for future Web links that we will be uploading as soon as we receive them.


Sainsbury’s Active Vouchers

6 03 2014










We are collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers until 20th May 2014, please post your vouchers in the collection box located in our main reception area.


Walking Bus Spring 2014

27 02 2014




The Walking Bus continues to be very successful.

The Bus operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and forms part of our Safe Routes to School Initiative.


‘All In’ Newsletter

2 12 2013

The ‘All In’ newsletter is produced by Shropshire Council’s Children & Young People’s Services Disabled children’s Team to keep you up to date with the latest fun & friendly activities taking place for children & young people with disabilities or additional needs.


Hedgehog Homes by 3EW

22 11 2013

Year 3 EW have been busy making Hedgehog Homes and enjoyed a recent visit from the Manager of Cuan House Wildlife Trust.

Click here to see a slide show from 3EW

Traditional Tales

8 10 2013


27 09 2013

Shropshire Children’s University

24 09 2013

Founded in May 2011 the underlying aim of Shropshire Children’s University is to ensure that children, between the ages of 7 – 14 years, can choose to take part in ‘quality’ out of school hours learning. Providers of out of school hours learning can undergo Children’s University ‘validation’ which guarantees the quality of the activities they make available. Providers may be located in schools or elsewhere within the community.

The Shropshire Children’s University acts as a broker, validating activities which build up towards certificates at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.


Mr Peter Jones, Director of The Children’s University in Shropshire, recently visited our school to present Alfie with his Silver Diploma.

East Shropshire Sports Partnership

10 09 2013


18 06 2013

St. Leonard’s recently won the Bridgnorth Schools’ Chess Tournament.  Well done to all those involved.

Sage & Onion!

8 05 2013

As part of KS1′s topic of  ’Food & Farming’ we currently have 2 new feathered friends – Chickens called Sage & Onion! 

This week the children are researching hens with the view to writing a non-chronological report.

KS1 Hens

5/6CO Earth & Space Powerpoints

26 04 2013

1LS – Making Bread & Planting Seeds

24 04 2013

Are your children protected against measles? – it’s not too late to get immunised

15 04 2013

The following is the latest press release about measles in Shropshire.

As children and young people prepare to return to schools in Shropshire after Easter, all parents are being reminded to ensure that they are protected against measles.

This follows an increase in cases of measles across the country, and in particular Wales.

Shropshire Council and Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group, working with Public Health England, are urging parents to protect their children against measles by ensuring they have been immunised with the necessary two doses of MMR.

Professor Rod Thomson, Director of Public Health for Shropshire Council, advised:

“Following increased cases of measles nationally, we are reminding parents to ensure their children have been given their two doses of MMR vaccine which protects against Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Measles is potentially very serious and can be fatal, so please don’t let your son or daughter run the risk of catching this highly infectious disease.

“We are advising parents that if their child has missed one or both doses of MMR they should contact their GP surgery to arrange immunisation.”

Currently 96.7% of Shropshire’s 2-year-olds have had their first MMR jab, but this falls to 91.4% for children having their second injection by age 5. Although these figures are higher than the national average, the local NHS and Shropshire Council are committed to increasing the numbers of children receiving both vaccines.

Both immunisations are necessary to ensure that children are fully protected. Although the vaccines are normally given at the age of 13 months and between 3 years 4 months and 5 years, children of any age, including teenagers and young adults, can still be vaccinated if they missed out on immunisation when they were younger.

Dr Caron Morton, Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Accountable Officer, added:

“Measles can be an unpleasant and potentially fatal illness, which is why we strongly encourage any parents who have not had their children immunised to contact their GP practice and make an appointment.

“Immunisation is the best way to protect your children from catching measles; it is tested, effective and safe. Although most children recover within a few weeks, in serious cases measles can lead to meningitis or pneumonia. For more information on measles visit www.nhs.uk. If you think your child has measles, please contact your GP surgery who can offer advice and support.”

Common symptoms of measles include:

  • cold-like symptoms
  • red eyes and sensitivity to light
  • fever
  • greyish white spots in the mouth and throat.

After a few days a red-brown spotty rash will appear. It usually starts behind the ears, then spreads around the head and neck, before spreading to the legs and the rest of the body.

If you suspect measles, please contact your GP in the first instance. Please remember your child should not return to school until at least five days after the appearance of the rash.

For more information on measles visit NHS Choices at www.nhs.uk.

FairTrade Food Tasting

11 03 2013

 A representative from Sainsburys recently visited our school as part of FairTrade fortnight.

Click here to see 1LS trying out some of the food samples.

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